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Reading with confidence and accuracy is an essential skill for all humans.  The practical applications are numerous and extend our knowledge, but reading can also bring an individual pleasure. 

A positive way to support your child with their reading is to have a regular time and place to read where the distractions are limited.  Whether your child prefers to read silently or aloud it is beneficial to discuss the text with them to ensure that they are reading with understanding and accuracy. Ask them questions about the setting or characters as well as their opinions.  When discussing the text with your child encourage them to PEE. In other words, give their POINT of view and EXPLAIN their answers with EXAMPLES from the text. Encourage them to ask their own questions too.  Reading aloud has advantages for all children; encouraging expression and fluency and developing confidence.

When listening to a child read encourage them to ask themselves "Does it make sense?"  You and your child may find it fun to take turns in reading and sharing the text, or reading in unison together or echoing each other.  If your child is struggling with a word try giving them the beginning or ending; covering up part of the word can also help.  Some children also find it useful to read following your finger/pointer to help them keep their place.  Other strategies to use are skipping the word and reading on to the end of the sentence, encouraging the child to reflect on what the word could be or to use the pictures clues in the same way. A useful to way to know if a text is appropriate is to open a book on any page and ask your child to read.  If they make 1 or 2 errors then the book should be a good choice.
Above all, do not over correct errors and stop ifyour child is feeling frustrated with the text - remember reading should be fun. "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body."  Sir Richard Steele.

Jennifer Orgill
This blog is a copy of my article in Southwater Life magazine - March 2014 edition

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