Monday, 3 November 2014

Internet Safety - is your child safe online?

INTERNET SAFETY - is your child safe online?

The range of devices thatgive us easy access to the internet in our homes has increased hugely and has many positive uses. However, the internet has to be used safely and with respect; when it is used to defraud, abuse or bully the consequences can be devastating. 
To keep your child safe whilst using their mobile phones, PC or tablet you should involve yourself with what they are doing.  If they like to play games ask them aboutwhy they like the game and discuss strategies that they use.  Set the parental controls on the devices and discuss with your child why you are doing this, appropriate behaviour and what they should do if they should access anything on the internet that they find upsetting in anyway.  If they play online reinforce the need for them to invite only friends that are known to them. Explain to them the need for caution when posting photos online.  Remind them they might have set their device to share with their "friends" only but their friends may not have.

At school, children are taught to be safe on the internet using the acronym “SMART.”

            SAFE-explain it is not safe to share passwords, personal details, or photos on the Internet.  Explain that photos and videos on chat lines can be shared and be seen by others.  Have a No Strangers rule so that they are only communicating with their friends. Encourage your child to tell you if someone is trying to "chat" with or meet them.

MEETING Repeat that they should never arrange over the internet to meet anyone even with one of their friends present.

ACCEPTING - do not accept 'friend' invites from strangers or open emails from unknown senders.  Discuss the dangers of viruses and hacking.

            RELIABLE - there is a huge amount of information on the net and anyone can put it on there.  So, check more than one site when looking for information on line.

            TELL - If you see something that is upsetting or offensive on the Internet, or feel threatened then tell someone. 

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