Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Taking a test?

Don't panic!



Revising for a test can be daunting.  Particularly when faced with copious notes and the facts don't seem to be sticking. The following tips will help make any student's revision effective.  


Be healthy. Drinking water, eating healthy snacks and having a good night's rest are all important as is working in an area that is well lit and enables the student to sit comfortably.


Be prepared. Encourage the student to sit down to revise prepared with paper, pens and any equipment that they will need.  Mute phones and switch off monitors.

Working in intervals with short breaks in between, e.g.  30 to 50 minute   intervals with 10 minute breaks, is the most effective way to retain information.  Many students learn better when they move around. Simply standing up, provides the brain with an influx of oxygen.


Condense.  Turn pages of notes into brief notes using  key words.  Students can generate mind maps, focus on keywords, using  colour and pictures makes revising more effective.


Timelines.  Some subjects, such as history, are ideal for creating timelines to remember key facts and events. 


Flash cards.  Briefly write the key points, use colour pens and pictures. Create mnemonics or use existing ones.  For example: BODMAS  for the order of operations.


Ask a friend.  Students can ask others to test them or create the own tests and games. Use online resources to help you revise for the test. 


Practise past papers.  Students can learn how to pace themselves in a test. Use the mark schemes to mark and correct their answers, students develop their understanding of the subject.  This is also useful for practising good test taking techniques; e.g, reading the whole question; following  instructions; showing their working out; looking at all the choices before answering; eliminating any answers that they know to be wrong and checking their answers carefully.  (Many past papers can be downloaded).


When revising or taking the test, students need to remember to relax and breathe deeply; think  positively and to do their best. 

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