Monday, 2 November 2015



Reading and sharing books with your child is very important to developing their reading, comprehension, writing and spelling skills.  As your child matures and gains independence in their reading they may not necessarily want to read aloud with you and consequently the opportunity to share in their reading experience and support them might become less frequent. The following activities are some of the ways that you can share both fiction and non fiction books with your child. 
    Make a comic strip about the book, depicting the story line or the facts that they have learnt or found interesting about a topic.
    Create a glossary of specific vocabulary or a dictionary of words that they were unfamiliar with or would like to use themselves.  Their glossary and dictionary could be illustrated.
    Act out the important parts of the story or the key facts.  Some children will enjoy recording themselves and using their IT skills to edit and present their play.
    Make a game board based on the story line or facts. The game could be based on traditional games such as Snakes and Ladders or one that they have invented themselves.
    Write a list of the things that they have learnt and use them to make a quiz or even to write comprehension questions based on the text. 
    Write an interview (real or imaginary) with the author or write to the author with questions about the text or topic.  Many books include ways to communicate with the author through social media.
    Draw and illustrate the time line of events in a story or the step by step process of a non fiction book.
    Create a poster that summarises and advertises the book.
    Draw their favourite character or subject and annotate your drawing with adjectives, verbs and phrases.
    Draw, paint or build a setting from your book.

Encouraging your child to discuss their reading, to make predictions, connections, to ask questions and evaluate the text, can clarify their thoughts and develop their reading skills.

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