Tuesday, 5 January 2016



Your child may have homework that involves online research.  The internet is a huge resource and generally there is no problem finding information about a specific topic. However, reading, deciphering a, applying that information can be daunting as there is so much of it, often written in formal and technical language that can leave your child (and yourself) with the feeling of 'information overload.'   The following questions will support your child in developing online research skills and successfully completing online research tasks.

What needs to be done?  Support your child to define the task and identify one or two specific questions that they want to find the answer to.
What resources can I use?  Search engines will direct you to websites which use text.  However, the text may be overwhelming for even the most confident of readers.  Choosing videos can be an effective alternative way of researching, particularly as these tend to be short and concise.  The images tool can also be a useful resource in both interpreting and presenting information.
Where can I find these resources? When typing the specific question / key words you can include the words "for kids" or "key stage one" into the search engine which should direct you to websites that are more accessible for children.
What can I use from these resources? Add useful websites to your “favourites” so that they can easily be located again.  In selecting the information, encourage your child to refer back to their specific question/s, identified in the first question.    
How will I know I did my job well? Encourage your child to evaluate their research by asking themselves if they have answered their initial question/s, have they used their own words and what they have learnt?  The mnemonic KISS (keep it short and simple) may help your child to select facts and to organise their work.

What can I make to finish the job?  Your child's research can be presented in many ways (text, poster or model) using features of non-fiction, e.g: text boxes, to produce an eye catching, informative and concise project. 

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