Wednesday, 10 February 2016


This is a great game for practising any of the multiplication tables.  It also gives them an opportunity to use mathematical vocabulary in a real life situation. 

1. Give the students a strip of paper and ask them to divide it in quarters, or halve it and then halve it again.  (I teach students that they can multiple any number by 4 by double and double again.  Likewise they can divide by 4 by halving and halving again). 

2. Ask the children to write a multiple of the multiplication table that they are practising.  In this example I used multiples of 3.  They should a multiple in each quarter in any order.





3.  Roll two dice.  The students can choose whether to add the numbers (factors) together or select a number from one of the dice to multiply by 3.  For example:

The student can say 3 x 3 = 9 or 3 x 4 (4 x 3) = 12 or 3 x 7 (7 x 3) = 21.

4.  If the answer is in one of the end quarters, the student may rip it off. 

5.  The student should keep the ripped quarter so that you have the option of asking the student to read their numbers back to you if they think they have won. I keep a note of the numbers that have occurred in the game.

6.  If the answer is ‘trapped’ in a middle quarter the student must wait until an end has been ripped off and that number is then ‘freed.’

7.  So if the student throws the above dice, they can rip off 12, leaving them with three numbers.




8.  The game continues until a student has ripped off all four numbers.  When this happens they should call out “Lotto!”  Ask the student to read their numbers.

9.  This game can be played as a group or whole class activity.  You may find it useful to keep a note of the multiples that have been used during the game.

You may find it useful to know that I have used this game to teach the numbers in French.  It can also be adapted to teach the colours, animals, transportation in any language that your students are learning. 

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