Wednesday, 10 August 2016


As a tutor I find that children can struggle to spell every day words (high frequency words).  I have found that using mnemonics is a good way to help them.  Some of the following are not all my mnemonics but ones that I have seen and heard used during my teaching career, sometimes a student might introduce me to a mnemonic.  At times, a student and I will develop our own mnemonic which really gives them ownership and makes the spelling very personal to them.  They really enjoy the fact that I tell them that I will use that particular mnemonic with other students or that I am going to use it on my blog! 
I organised the following spellings so that a specific spelling can be trimmed, laminated and stuck onto a desk, in a book, made into a bookmark or even put on the fridge.  Anywhere where it is visible to the student and can be referred to quickly until they become confident in consistently spelling the word accurately.  Above all, I try to make learning these spellings fun for the student.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of these or if you have mnemonics that you use successfully with your students.

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